Year 4

Quickfire Times Tables 2 🔥

20 questions to test your times table knowledge! Please excuse Olly barking in the background, he doesn’t like the postman...

The River read by Mrs White

A lovely tale of a fish who goes on an epic journey to the sea

Quickfire Times Tables 🔥

Test yourself with a quickfire round of times tables. Try not to pause the video in between questions, you can always go back and watch the video again if it goes too quick!

Use Your Imagination

A short story about a clever rabbit who uses its imagination to defeat a cunning wolf.

I Am Bat

A shorty story by Morag Hood about the importance of sharing. Used for Year 4 English lessons w/c 4.5.2020

Stardust text read by Mrs White

A lovely story book that we shared as part of our English work. Remember that you are all made of star dust.

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Year 5

Interviews with animals about whether they should be kept in Zoos

Join James, a keen journalist, on his quest to find out if animals should be kept in Zoos. Excellent interviewing techniques with some unusual guests! A must watch!

Designer jewellery- Kyle

Year 5 were asked to make a piece of jewellery out of items they found in their house. Here is Kyle’s jewellery and his persuasive advert!

Designer Jewellery - Jam Jar Jewellery

This week, Year 5 were asked to make a piece of jewellery out of items they could find in the house. They then wrote an advert for this jewellery. Check out James’ awesome advert!

James’ mini documentary on Africa

Watch this insightful and expertly filmed documentary. Presented by James Havers, starring Havers family members. An excellent documentary all about Africa!

Freddie’s Science experiment - Part 2

Watch this clip for Freddie’s Volcano Experiment results!

Freddie’s Science experiment - Part 1

Year 5 were set the task of performing a science experiment. Here is Freddie’s with explosive results!

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Dice 'n' Easy Maths Games

Game 4 - Adding to 20

This game is perfect for KS1. You will need to roll a dice 6 times, making note of your numbers. Add up your six numbers to see if your score is below 20 - you lose the game is you have a score bigger than 20!

Game 3 - Area and Perimeter

Today’s game is for KS2 pupils, recapping area and perimeter of squares and rectangles. You will need two dice, a piece of paper, a pen and a ruler. You can use an online dice if you don’t have your own at home!

Game 2 - Times Tables

Today you will need two dice if you are in KS1 or try four dice in KS2. If you don’t have your own dice, try searching the Internet for a virtual dice or you can make your own!

Game 1 - Place Value

Today you will need a pen, paper and ruler to make yourselves a Place Value grid and you will need one dice. If you don’t have a dice at home, you can always make your own or find a virtual dice online.

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